So I recently have been asking a bunch of questions on lore to Pappy/Chad Moore over on twitter, the resident lore God of Wildstar. I thought I’d share them here too for those of you that may find these bits relevant for RP and understanding the game world.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these for me, Chad!


I dunno, you guys.  I was really tempted to keep this one.


Sketchies of Lacrimosa, my Draken… who will EVENTUALLY be at housing level T_T.


my Aurin version of Amilaine and her pet chompacabra, David! 

the way I was drawing her hair before was just too much of a pain in the butt 


Just doodle-sketchin’ gifties. ´ ³`


is that what you're wearing? [x]


just a screenshot of my little Chua Bejula.

so fluffy. ♥

but I would probably end up as a little pile of ashes if I tried to hug it