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Anonymous Asked: But is it that big of a deal if dark skinned blood elves don't exist? I personally want to play a Mag'har Orc, but that isn't available, and I'm not offended by that. Where do you draw the line between requiring representation and letting there be a canon that simply does not include it?



Just because it’s not a big deal to you doesn’t mean it’s not and shouldn’t be a big deal to other people. Stop thinking flawed lore in a flawed video game is more important than people who aren’t you.

Also, brown orcs are completely different from brown skinned humans/more human like characters. That is an apples and orange comparison, meaning they are completely unrelated.

Mag’har orcs are what orcs (as far as we know) originally looked like. They had brown skin; it wasn’t until the orcs were corrupted by Gul’dan and drank the demon blood that they became green.

You cannot play a Mag’har orc because the game requires you, by way of the introduction and your “backstory”, to play an orc that -was- corrupted by the demon blood (whether directly or by birth) and has followed Thrall into service of the Horde. It is the same reason why you can’t “play” a high elf, naga, centaur, Broken, sand troll, or satyr—because that is not the PoV Blizzard wants you to engage in. It doesn’t fall in line with how they are setting up the story and how your character comes to play a part in it.

THERE IS NO CANON REASON for why a brown skinned gnome, blood elf, human, Forsaken, or dwarf could not exist. There is no canon reason for why skintones other than those associated with white/Caucasian peoples cannot exist as genetic variations among these races. NONE. When a race has every “natural” skin tone under the sun available but shades of brown or dark brown, it is not canon that they CAN’T be brown skinned.

(Generally speaking of all sci-fi and fantasy, not just WoW): Realize that the omission of brown skin tones, races, and characters, or even multicultural characters belonging to real ethnicities of non-European origin, is not because of “lore” and “canon”. It is because of omission of non-European/Caucasian peoples from fantasy and science fiction. It is because of racism.



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